Pause for Peace

Because everyone in the world needs to take a breather.

The world is all wound up. The news on every channel is an endless stream of alarming events, people are struggling to make ends meet all over the globe, and people everywhere face the reality of terrorism and violence in their daily lives. There is talk of rising nuclear tensions. War is breaking out in some places, and it is threatening to break out in others. People are starving on every continent, and governmental oppression is running rampant in places all over the globe as well. There is a sense that almost nothing can be done to save the human race. But something can be done…

Everyone in the world needs to Pause for Peace

This is a simple message. It can reach every single human being in the world in a matter of hours or days. By joining together in one simple act the peoples and nations of the world will find their center again. Everyone needs to unite, for the sake of the world and everyone in it, in a temporary stand down. Everyone needs to pause, for peace.

The Plan

The plan is evolving, but there are three main steps. First, people need to spread the idea of the plan, then we need to decide on a day, and then we need to start the pause for peace.

Step one, tell people. Spread the word. Take it upon yourself to be an ambassador of peace. Self-selecting individuals need to step up into leadership positions all over the world. These people need to take it upon themselves to coordinate with everyone else who is involved and help plan this event. Anyone who wants to take up the mantle of peace, anyone who wants to fight war, needs to spread the idea and get more people involved.

When it feels right, when enough people are involved, the organizers of this need to choose a day for the (Party Pause Protest) For Peace to start. This is going to be a messy seat of our pants decision most likely. Maybe we will have some good metrics about our numbers that will help us make a wise decision about this, but likely we’ll just have to wait till it feels right. When it feels like there are enough of us to get the ball rolling, then we set a day for this to begin.

Finally, we start the Pause. Everyone involved gets together and takes a stand against war. This means people from every nation of the world come together to stand against war. We all work together to support each other during this time. We come together as the people of the world and we make a stand once and for all against war and violence everywhere. We demand that each of our respective governments, that is all governments everywhere, end all hostile actions. We demand that all troops return home. We demand that all nuclear armaments are disassembled and destroyed (since just having one is a hostile action). We demand global peace.

There is a lot more to consider, specifically logistical things, and this is where self-selecting leaders everywhere need to just take up positions as leaders. We need to be as organized as possible, and that starts with close collaboration. Anyone interested should email me and I’ll help put people in touch with each other. We will need a more robust form of communication, but for starters we can use email.

Email me at I’ll add you to an email list, and I’ll keep you updated about our progress. God Bless.