Pause for Peace

Because everyone in the world needs to take a breather.

The world is all wound up. The news on every channel is an endless stream of alarming events, people are struggling to make ends meet all over the globe, and people everywhere face the reality of terrorism and violence in their daily lives. There is talk of rising nuclear tensions. War is breaking out in some places, and it is threatening to break out in others. People are starving on every continent, and governmental oppression is running rampant in places all over the globe as well. There is a sense that almost nothing can be done to save the human race. But something can be done…

Everyone in the world needs to Pause for Peace

This is a simple message. It can reach every single human being in the world in a matter of hours or days. By joining together in one simple act the peoples and nations of the world will find their center again. Everyone needs to unite, for the sake of the world and everyone in it, in a temporary stand down. Everyone needs to pause, for peace.

The Plan

The plan is simple, it has two simple steps. First, call all your friends and family, and make sure they are aware of the plan. Explain to them what the plan is and why it is important. Second, go and take a vacation. Gather whatever camping equipment you have on hand, pack up as much food and supplies as you have available, load it all into your cars or trucks or RV’s, and then just go camping. Take your kids out of school, pick up your husband or wife from work, and head out into God’s country.

If you can, meet your friends somewhere and camp near them. If you can’t find spots near them, make friends with whoever you find near the camp site you do find. If you have extra water or food, bring it along to help the people who didn’t have any to spare. If you have extra camping supplies, lend them out to people who are less well equipped. Help each other out. If you have open land or useful facilities, put up signs inviting people to use them. If you have some useful skill that people might need out there, get the word out about how you can help. The point is that with everyone working together, everyone’s needs can be taken care of. And if everyone’s needs are taken care of, even just for a short period of time, everyone can take a brief moment to relax. And that is precisely what the world needs right now. The world needs everyone to relax, calm down, regain their center, and then come together in peace to plan a way forward toward a better future.

The only question is when this should start. We have to wait until the effects of the strike will be felt, so there needs to be sufficient numbers of people willing to make their voices be heard. I don’t have an exact answer for this. We would need to organize and develop a system for knowing when there is a large enough number of us globally to actually be a successful movement. For now, express your interest by sending me an email at I’ll add you to an email list, and I’ll keep you updated about our progress. God Bless.